Flujos de trabajos

Área operativa

Soluciones tecnológicas para la asistencia en procesos críticos

Permite entregar al usuario la información correcta, en el momento correcto y de la forma correcta. Disminuyendo así, tiempos, errores y papeles.

Main benefits

Disminución de errores.

Aumento en la productividad.

Disminución de tiempo de inducción.

Información en el momento preciso.


  • Step-by-step guide – Fair information for each activity.
  • Real-time registration – Ensures the quality of the work performed.
  • Management and reporting platform – Complete control and analysis of the system.
  • Map with visual guide – Increasing the efficiency of the process
  • Customizable and self-manageable system – Adaptable to your management system.

Questions about Visual picking

¿What is meant by "immersion" when talking about Virtual Reality?

In this context, it refers to the ability to trick our senses into feeling more of a part of the experience.

Currently, virtual reality headsets are the most immersive alternative and have become a benchmark for the new virtual generation, coming to be considered as "Virtual Reality". Due to the large number of studies that exist regarding both immersive and non-immersive virtual reality, we prefer to use the term with its "last name", as appropriate.

¿How do we manage the data? ¿Is it anonymous?

The data is managed by Google's Firebase. We use collections with random ID (UUID), where it only depends on the client if they need to use names or ID numbers to identify their users. The login is done with email and password, where we can only save the email. We have no way of knowing the password of your users.

¿How much bandwidth do I need?

For augmented reality applications, about 200 kbps (2G connection) are required to operate, but 1 mbps (3G) is recommended for optimal use.

¿What are the technical capabilities needed for the people operating the system?

The field operator does not require specialized training beyond the usual use of smartphones. Regarding the augmented reality glasses, the only important thing is that the voice commands used are clear. For administrators of the management platform, a web browser is required.

¿Integración con Sap?

An integration can be quoted through API or websockets, as required by the client.

¿What safety risks are involved when wearing the headset/devices?

If the user does not put on the headset as indicated by the manufacturer (and as recommended by Got It) it can cause visual fatigue. When the headset is used correctly, it does not cause eye fatigue after long sessions. We recommend using the lens attached to a standard helmet (retaining clips included) and cleaning it regularly with a soft cloth and 70% alcohol.

¿What happens if a user skips a step or doesn't read some code?

If the user does not read the required code, he cannot continue using the application, and can’t access the next view. The implementation of a manual entry of numbers can be requested if the client requires it.

¿Where is data stored?

Data is hosted on Google's Firebase, whose servers are replicated between Ohio, USA and Brazil. Some metadata (non-readable information) is stored on the lens's own microSD card.

¿Can we analyze recorded data ourselves?

Yes, we can make an API available to access the data.

¿How long does it take to train operators?

In our tests with operators, the training takes about 10 minutes to teach the correct use of the lens, usage of voice commands and general use of the app.

¿Does the data collection violate union regulations, or legality in data management?

Our data management complies with the GDPR standards of the European Union.