Virtual laboratories

Training and education

An effective path to expertise

Virtual reality modules that allow the player to experiment in scenarios and tasks that are difficult to see or perform in the real world. The user must be able to analyze, develop and view test and training cases, depending on what the company or institution requires.

In different interactive modules it will be possible to exchange and evaluate knowledge of operational and technical processes.

You can quickly and easily organize training sessions, manage student access and configure classes, creating specialized learning paths, among other functions.

Main benefits

Facilitar la realización de prácticas y ejercicios, aumentando la motivación.

Possibility of reproducing real situations virtually and without risk.

Possibility of interacting with expensive and difficult to access machinery.

Easy distribution and implementation.


Laboratorio de logística
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Laboratorio de riego
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Laboratorio de alimentación
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Laboratorio de edificación
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¿Qué puedo hacer?

  • Present and evaluate relevant component kits for a specific context.
  • Recreate detailed situations, step by step.
  • Train and recreate risks.
  • See and understand equipment and components for an operation.
  • Planning and execution of correct workflows according to the exposed cases.
Simulador de cocina
  • Present equipment to the user, for him or her toreview its operation and its component in detail, adapting the application to the specific context with which you are working.
  • Design and build scenarios, creating different practice and evaluation cases
  • Teach and evaluate PPE necessary for each process, machine, or environment.
  • Inspect cases and identify risks, according to quality and environmental standards.
  • Self-administered question system.
  • Situational decision tree.
  • Manage and control training through a single and simplified platform.
  • Analyze data and information for continuous improvement processes.

Questions about virtual laboratories

¿What is meant by "immersion" when talking about Virtual Reality?

En este contexto, se refiere a la capacidad de engañar a nuestros sentidos para sentirnos más parte de la experiencia.

Currently, virtual reality headsets are the most immersive alternative and have become a benchmark for the new virtual generation, coming to be considered as "Virtual Reality". Due to the large number of studies that exist regarding both immersive and non-immersive virtual reality, we prefer to use the term with its "last name", as appropriate.


Recreation of real-world events. In this context, we work by combining mathematical and physical models, through computational interfaces, to deliver scalable and replicable solutions.

¿Does it work without internet?

Si, es importante tener en cuenta que los sistemas de gestión de datos requieren conexiones con servidores externos. Esto permite entregar visualización instantánea de la información en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento.

¿How do I work with my users?

Connect to your users through your browser, headset or cell phone and start creating, managing and communicating.

¿How many users can interact in the application at the same time?

There is no limit, they must only have one user to access the experiences.

¿How long does the personalization of a Virtual Laboratory take?

Existen múltiples laboratorios listos para empezar a utilizar. Si requieres trabajar cierta información en particular, el tiempo rodea los 3 meses.

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