Industrial simulators

Training and education

Give your collaborators a new way of learning, where they can put their knowledge into practice.

The user must handle operational tasks or industrial machinery, being evaluated in each module to analyze their progress and learning.

You can quickly and easily organize training sessions, manage student access and configure classes, creating specialized learning paths, among other functions.

Main benefits

Reduce user learning time.

Disminuye errores.

Eliminate risks and costs of equipment and machinery.

It facilitates distribution and scalable implementation.

¿What can I do?

  • Step by step of different procedures.
  • Identification of risks and ways to mitigate them.
  • Self instruction in the use of machinery.
  • Work with necessary Personal Protection Elements.
  • Previous knowledge.
  • Detailed recreations.
  • Attitudes and knowledge regarding risk.
  • PPE needed for each process.
Realidad virtual riesgo
  • Manage and control training through a single and simplified platform.
  • Analyze data and information for continuous improvement processes.

Questions about industrial simulators

¿Qué es inmersión?

En este contexto, se refiere a la capacidad de engañar a nuestros sentidos para sentirnos más parte de la experiencia.

Currently, virtual reality headsets are the most immersive alternative and have become a benchmark for the new virtual generation, coming to be considered as "Virtual Reality". Due to the large number of studies that exist regarding both immersive and non-immersive virtual reality, we prefer to use the term with its "last name", as appropriate.

¿A qué nos referimos con simulación?

Es una recreación de eventos del mundo real. En este contexto, trabajamos combinando modelos matemáticos y físicos, a través de interfaces computacionales, para entregar soluciones escalables y replicables por definición.

¿Does it work without internet?

Si, no obstante, es importante tener en cuenta que los sistemas de gestión de datos requieren conexiones con servidores externos. Esto permite entregar visualización instantánea de la información en cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento

¿Should the purchase of hardware be considered?

Sí, la aplicación utiliza dispositivos como computadores, smartphones y lentes de realidad virtual. De todas maneras es tú elección, existen grados de profundidad y se recomienda utilizar distintas tecnologías en función de los objetivos de aprendizaje o competencias que necesiten abordar.
The developed experiences can be exported to a web application, Immersive Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality, depending on the degree of immersion, realism, and massiveness of the experience.

¿How long does the development (Implementation) of this system take?

From 2 to 3 months. We work with you to personalize our validated tools, continuously improved based on technological possibilities.

There are multiple modules ready for immediate delivery.

¿How can I see the user's progress?

All our systems work together with a control and management platform. This allows you to have complete control of the experiences in an intuitive and fast way.