Display systems

Training and education


The most realistic way to show your products anywhere and anytime. Recreate scenarios virtually -through self-guided exploration or through a teacher or instructor- in order to train or communicate, in an interactive, effective and simple way.

You will be able to quickly and easily organize training sessions, manage student access, configure classes, create specialized learning paths and much more.

Main benefits

Reduction of spaces and time required for initial training.

Increased user motivation through the use of interactive environments and high-quality design.

Greater coverage, through digitally recreated environments, without the need to be present in them.

Greater returns on investment, thanks to the use of a standard and reusable tool.


  • Recreation of an environment in a realistic and immersive way.
  • Provides the opportunity to learn about machinery, spaces, products and/or services in full detail and on a real scale.
  • The system allows you to keep track of the player's progress throughout the application.
  • Platform for analysis of usage metrics and behaviors.