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Virtual and augmented reality, for web and mobile

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Simulate interactive experiences increasing retention and motivation


Gestiona tus procesos y datos fácilmente, agregan valor continuo a tu institución


It facilitates the access and understanding of information in operational processes

We seek to bridge the gap between theory and practice

We create solutions in augmented reality and virtual reality to facilitate communication, learning, practice and evaluation of people, skills and operations.
Through simple-to-use solutions, we seek to facilitate organizational transformation processes, through the use of immersive technologies and data collected through them, thus increasing connectivity between areas, people and information.
The right job, in the right way, at the right time.

Years of experience in the development and implementation of interactive solutions
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We create solutions adapted to the needs of your organization

Industrial simulators

Simulation of specific operations of various processes and machinery, achieving greater retention and fewer errors in operations as a benefit. 

Display systems

Virtual reality display systems that seek to increase user interaction and immersion, also facilitating scalability thanks to the possibility of remote access.

Virtual laboratories

Immersive or non-immersive virtual reality applications (web and mobile) that allow simulating professional practical experiences.

Visual picking

Innovative solution for “pick-by-vision” order preparation. This solution considers the manual selection of orders, the entry, exit and classification of products, as well as inventory management.


What we mean by:


Technologies that allow access to information by interacting with the keyboard and mouse, or through manual gestures.
Easily scalable, low cost and high profitability. It is an excellent option to start the digitalization process of your organization.

Devices that facilitate and improve access to virtual reality and augmented reality. They considerably increase the impact, immersion, and access to information, taking into account a correct implementation and deployment strategy.


We understand Virtual Reality to be 100% digitally recreated environments, without interaction with the physical environment, in which the user is immersed visually and sensorially at different levels of immersion. Through devices such as Virtual Reality Glasses, Tablet and Smartphone or computers, users can interact, together or separately, within completely digital scenarios.


Simulating critical scenarios or relevant situations that the company needs to show, analyze or train.

simulador realidad virtual


Augmented reality does not immerse you in any parallel reality, but instead works superimposing digital content such as static images, animations, three-dimensional objects, even web links in a real environment. In this way, reality can be augmented with the superposition of these virtual aspects.

For this technology, the devices currently used are phones, tablets and glasses or headsets.


  • To remotely solve specific problems.
  • Digitalization of operational processes and checklists.
  • Improve communication with target users.
Realidad aumentada


Our applications collect and process data to trace the activities within the immersive process that they present, and thus detect inefficiencies, bottlenecks in critical stages, lack of resources, differences with some ideal process to contrast, or simply to diagram the state of the use of the application from start to finish.

Process mining, among other tools, allows us to optimize the real processes that are simulated in our applications, proposing improvements and detecting opportunities for change in a digital environment: controlled, cost-effective and safe.


What they say about us

Customer testimonials


“The joint work between DHL and Imova has brought many benefits to our company. With the implementation of new technologies, we have attracted great talent from the industry, we have improved our productivity and our employees are more involved in the digitalization of the company. IMOVA has a great team of professionals, very much at the forefront of new trends in the market and proposing individual solutions for each client. It has been and is a great experience to have a technological partner that supports us in our needs and understands our business to provide concrete and applicable solutions.”

Alberto OltraCEO Spanish-Speaking South America DHL Global Forwarding

“We learned a lot about how to implement VR, the development process and technology. In this sense, Imova was a key partner in achieving a successful implementation where our collaborators were able to live an immersion that they loved with the similarity to reality and the capacity for interaction that it generates. Thank you very much for this first experience.”

Fernanda ToroInnovation Project Manager Walmart Chile

“Very good work team, professionals who understood our needs achieving exactly what we needed. I recommend working with Imova, in this area we have interviewed many suppliers and we have found in their professionals a partner who understood and accommodated our needs.”

Abel ArayaSubgerente de Formación y Capacitación Kaufmann

“More than a supplier, it is our technological partner and has helped us create highly innovative and stable solutions. I can verify that the systems developed by IMOVA recreate reality with an incredible level of accuracy, both at a technical level and at a design level, allowing a level of learning never before possible because they help us think, understand our needs and have built solutions that increase our productivity and with a lot of user satisfaction.”

Pedro LacerdaCEO de Kelly Services Portugal & Benelux

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