Who we are

Passion and commitment

We are a design and development company for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality services. With these technologies as a base, we seek to optimize processes, both internal and external, for continuous improvement within organizations.
We have a great ability to discover and create business opportunities in changing and uncertain environments, thanks to a high level of self-efficacy and exploration of new markets in the face of uncertainty.

We believe that by caring deeply for our people, customers and partners, and working with full transparency and commitment, we can unleash our collective genius. For this, collaboration is necessary, allowing the creation of optimal conditions to perform, in an environment of diverse origins, thoughts and points of view, thus promoting passionate and dedicated work.

At IMOVA we believe in interaction and experimentation as a fundamental part of communication and learning. To achieve this, we work with the latest generation of technologies, transforming the relationship we have with information and knowledge.

Our goal is to develop the best experiences so that workers, students and people of all walks of life can learn faster, remember more and decide better.

"Standing on the shoulders of giants"

Based on a solid knowledge of the technological ecosystem and an incremental development, we deliver global solutions, reducing costs, time and risks. Our work is based on validated and highly scalable technologies, frameworks and models.

Guilty by association

We seek to build lasting relationships that allow us to increase the value delivered to our clients.